Sunday, April 3, 2011

Indigo Irises

Indigo Irises
8x8 Acrylic on 1.5" Gallery Wrap Canvas
Indigo Irises is a loose little floral painting that really made use of all the beautiful blues on my acrylic palette. I had fun using cobalt, ultramarine, indigo, blue violet as well as red violet in this composition. Pinks were not lacking either, as I used a few of them to mix with my various blues for the lavenders and periwinkles found here. This painting sold yesterday, along with three of my other 8x8 gallery wrap acrylics to a lovely guest at The Greenbrier who was celebrating her birthday - buying my paintings as gifts for herself. She also bought Prairie Rooster for her kitchen, which made me very happy. My art will be well represented in her home! Second photo above shows detail from the upper left of these blue Japanese Irises. Your comments are always welcome.

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