Wednesday, January 16, 2013



20x20 Acrylic Abstract on 1.5" Gallery Wrap Canvas

Sides Painted Light Grey to Match Background
Wired for immediate display
$475.00 plus shipping

Not my usual subjects of cats or flowers - that's for sure. I enjoyed painting this large square canvas - it was a very intuitive and spontaneous - a kind of "design as you go". I'll be doing more abstracts in the future. They are not only fun, but a great exercise in graphic composition, color harmony and the whole center of interest thing. This painting reminds me of an aerial shot of the flat farmland here in WV. Lots of divided and subdivided fields, old roads and trails, and home sites from way back when - all kind of etched into the terrain. The paint has a flat matte look to it - very graphic and linear. Email me at with your comments or to arrange purchase. Your comments are always welcome.

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