Friday, March 15, 2013

Meow's New Muffler

Meow's New Muffler
8x10 Acrylic on .75" Gallery Wrap Canvas
$225.00 shipping included
I didn't want winter to pass without posting Meow and his new red muffler. It's still snowing here in WV, so Meow continues to wear his favorite scarf everytime he goes out - which isn't very often. He, like me, is waiting impatiently for spring - we can see the daffodils coming up already - so we remain hopeful!
The red muffler is painted with cad red and quin rose. Meow's pretty grey fur is cobalt blue with both naples yellow and quin magenta. The sky and snow flurries are titanium white with cobalt blue. Underpainting is a light cad orange, not too thickly applied. Your comments are always welcome. Email me at for purchase or further details.

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