Friday, March 21, 2014

Something New!

Copper Cat Artisan Jewelry by Pamela Gatens is made from hand formed and hammered 100% copper wire. I make my own lampwork beads from Italian and Czech glass rods and carefully select natural gemstones to complement the design. I don't use any manufactured charms or chains in my work. All the swirls, curls, coils, chains, hooks, rings and wraps are made by me.
Some pieces receive a natural patina, while other are left "naked" and shiny.
Copper is a beautiful, natural material whose warm color goes perfectly with a variety of gemstones such as aquamarine or amethyst, and lampwork beads of both transparent and opaque glass.
Designed in the "Bohemian" style, my necklaces and bracelets are colorful and fun to wear. My style is a combination of handmade swirls, curls and abstract coils along with glass bead and gemstone extensions and dangles.

I buy gemstones and glass that "speak to me", and really pique my interest by their unique color or shape. After purchase, they are carefully stashed away - waiting for their chance to be chosen for an upcoming necklace or bracelet. To begin a piece of jewelry, I assemble a collage of gemstones and lampwork beads, paying attention to color harmony and complementary shapes. They are assembled small and large into a rough circle. There are usually 6-8 different colors involved with several beads or stones dominating the others in size - they being the focus of the piece. Or, a single focal stone or bead becomes the star of the show. After studying this "bead soup", I hand form and hammer the major copper wire elements out of 14 or sometimes 10 gauge copper wire. Smaller charms are also created. These elements are placed in the circle in their approximate positions. As the piece is assembled, each stone or bead is wrapped or made as a connector with 18 or 20 gauge copper wire. I usually assemble a necklace from the bottom up - from the focal area, up both sides at the same time for balance, and finally the back area of the necklace with similar beads or stones. Most times the sides of a piece are not exactly the same with matching stones/copper components/beads - they are assembled for balance and may include odd additions of different colors or shapes. I especially enjoy dangles suspended from the main structure of the piece - I think they make for a lot of fun and movement. Copper Cat Artisan Jewelry is perfect for casual wear or can be dressed up for a special occasion.
Visit my website soon for more details on my new Copper Cat Jewelry!
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