Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Summer Blues

Summer Blues
20x20x1.5" Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas
Sides are painted a soft Naples Yellow to complement background of painting.
Varnished and wired for hanging.
The daffodils are fading fast, and the red bud trees are coming right along...soon it will be time for the iris to bloom. So, here is a preview in blue. I used lots of beautiful transparent Pthalo Blue along with Cobalt Blue and Diox. Purple. All three from Liquitex's soft body line of paints. These paints are packed with pigment and so really make the difference between a vibrant, intense painting and one not so nice. Naples was used in the background along with Quin Rose and Quin Burnt Orange. Titanium white was added to both blues for the last highlights. I have painted this same configuration of iris several times, but never get tired of doing it - especially in deep blues. (Hello, Van Gogh!) Contact me at catcards@frontiernet.net for purchase/shipping information. There are no shipping charges for any painting shipped inside the U.S. Your comments are always welcome.

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