Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Prism Petals

Prism Petals
20x20 Acrylic on 1.5" Gallery Wrap Canvas
Contact catcards@frontiernet.net for details
Ships Free within U.S.
I love to paint daffodils and I love to paint abstracts - so, I think, Prism Petals is a little of both.
My regular palette was used with the addition of Quin Red and Light Blue Permanent, both soft body Liquitex colors. I went back to Mineral Blue in lieu of Thalo or Prussian, just because it is a milder, gentler blue than the other two. Light blue permanent is a crisp sky blue that is rather opaque - I like it for skies and full strength accents within the leaves. It plays well with other blues like cobalt - and with a touch of Diox. Purple, you have a lovely lavender to periwinkle on your hands! The underpainting is my usual soft body Liquitex Cad Orange - it is the hue version of this color - just because it is lighter than fully concentrated Cad Orange - and I just like it better. Oh yes, and my usual Quin Roses, of course! Your comments are always welcome.

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