Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summer's Best

Summer's Best
12x16 Acrylic on Canvas Panel - unframed
$95.00 - contact me at for purchase/shipping details
Summer's Best was yesterday's morning warm-up painting. I usually do these either on Arches paper for Oil/Acrylic or on Winsor Newton canvas covered panels. Winsor Newton makes such nice panels - they are just like painting on the real thing - stretched canvas, that is. Regular palette again - I've gone back to Mineral Blue instead of Prussian. Cad yellows, reds and orange underpainting. Daisy petals have varying amounts of Naples yellow, Cobalt blue, Diox purple or Quin pink, depending on their location on the flower. Petals with shadows, as you might guess, get the cooler shades mixed with Titanium white, while the sunstruck petals get yellow or warm pink in their mix. Background is a varying mix of white plus cobalt, light blue permanent, both blues with a touch of Quin magenta or alizarin crimson. Light blue permanent mixed with my cad yellow creates a lovely light grass green. I try for at least three values in a flower, mixing the "local" or actual color with either white or a lighter version of itself. As an example, mixing Mineral blue with cobalt to lighten and brighten it for my mid-tone blue. Another warm-up tomorrow morning! Your comments are always welcome.

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