Tuesday, February 28, 2012

White Poppy Field

White Poppy Field
8x10 Acrylic on Canvas
$95.00 plus shipping
White Poppy Field is a small acrylic done with a limited palette consisting of: Naples yellow, cadmium yellow deep, Prussian Blue, cobalt blue, quin deep rose, rose madder deep and titanium white, along with a bit of burnt sienna. I really like the soft sage greens that result from mixing Prussian blue with Naples yellow, and occasionally with a bit of cad yellow or burnt sienna thrown in. I used the cobalt blue for my brighter greens and for the deep, deep darks I used Prussian blue, burnt sienna and the rose madder deep. The luminous blues and lavenders in the petals are, of course, cobalt blue alone with white added or with quin rose and white added. Photos two and three show details of these bright petals. Your comments are always welcome.

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