Monday, May 14, 2012

Rose's Callie

Rose's Callie
16x20 Acrylic on Canvas
To be hung in Rose's Studio
Here is a limited palette acrylic that I did last week of my dear friend Rose's calico cat, Callie. Callie is a long haired beauty with incredible calico markings. I think the thing I love best about her is not only her sweet face, but the little white tip on the very end of her tail. Rose rescued her from the Greenbrier County Humane Society about a year or so ago – what a lucky little puss. Second and third photos show details of Callie's pretty face. Your comments are always welcome.

1 comment:

Rose Dobbins said...

I love the painting of my little Callie. She is a sweet cat and the painting certainly shows that aspect of her. Thank you my friend for the wonderful treasure.
You have captured her likeness.


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