Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Rooster Review

Two Rooster Paintings
First is The Man, 10x10 acrylic on 1.5" gallery wrap canvas - SOLD.
Second is White Tail, 10x10 acrylic on 1.5" gallery wrap canvas - SOLD.
Both roosters were painted with my usual palette with the addition of Winsor Newton Burnt Sienna and Amsterdam Cobalt Turquoise. I really love both of these extra colors, especially for our feathered friends. After painting so many cats over the years, I have found no better Burnt Sienna than Winsor Newton, both in their acrylic and watercolor formulas. It mixes with other colors like a dream and is  beautifully transparent, not chalky or cloudy like some other brands of "earth tones". I mixed my usual Prussian blue with my Quin Magenta and the WN Burnt Sienna for the lovely dark, dark feathers on both birds then added my usual Cad Yellow with Prussian for the deep greens. Naples yellow mixed with Burnt Sienna gives a nice raw sienna look. The Burnt Sienna can always be enhanced too, with the addition of Cad Red to lighten and further brighten. Underpainting was the usual Cad Orange - this time Liquitex concentrated soft body - thanks to Rose for that box of paint you gave me! You comments are always welcome.

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