Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Upcoming November Workshop in Lewisburg, WV

Colorful Acrylic Florals with Pamela Gatens

Date and time – November 4, 5 & 6, 2013

9 am to 4 pm each day

We will serve snacks. Please bring a bag lunch.          

Location - Kellar Studio, Carnegie Hall, Lewisburg, WV

Description - A 3-day acrylic class, open to all levels of experience.  Class will cover color mixing, loose brushwork, layering and creating from photo references. You will complete 3 floral paintings emphasizing color, composition and brushwork.  Pamela will provide foam plates for mixing and extensive class notes.  For samples of Pamela’s work, go to her blog at www.pamelagatens.blogspot.com or www.dailypaintworks.com/Artists/pamela-gatens-2504

The goal of this workshop is to come away with paintings that are not only colorful and pretty to look at, but are the result of your own translation of a reference photo into a harmonious well executed work that is truly you!

There will be lots of helpful handouts, one-on-one time with the instructor, a critique at the end of the day focusing on that day's discussions, and group discussions and Q&A to keep things lively and interesting.

Monday, DAY 1 is COLOR: All about acrylic paint/basic tools/squeezing out, the 1-2-3 of mixing the colors you want from your limited palette,  a color harmony formula discussed and how to apply it to a reference photo, practice mixing the colors for your painting and making a preliminary color swatch, choosing a simple background color with its variations using "progressive mixing".
Everyone will do the same painting on day one - I will provide the reference photo.

This first painting will cover the basics of: canvas prep and underpainting, interpreting the reference photo for your particular size canvas, grid marking and initial loose sketch, sequence of color application, layering with medium or varnish, painting all over the canvas at one time, the importance of loading your brush, background color application, darks and foliage colors, lights, highlights, finishing details and final impasto notes. Where to sign and in what color. Critique as time allows.
If Monday's painting is finished by Tues. morning we will varnish. Painting must dry for at least 12 hours prior to varnish. Varnishing and gallery wrap side painting tips.

Tuesday, DAY 2 is COMPOSITION: Building on Day 1, referring back to your notes, this day's painting is your choice from your personal reference photos. Same canvas and color planning, but this time we will work on image placement on the canvas, edge interest and manipulation, center of interest considerations, making a path for the eye to follow, editing - using only what you like from your photo  and making your subject a work of art and not a xerox copy. Critique as time allows.
If Tuesday's painting is finished by Wed. morning we will varnish.

Wednesday, DAY 3 is BRUSHWORK: Building on Days 1 and 2, your choice of either working from your imagination and doing a WV Wildflower painting (I will show you) or working from your multi-colored bouquet reference. Emphasis here will be on brushwork - loose without overworking or being too repetitious. We will also cover overlapping strokes and being aware of the need to restate when necessary; when to let the painting rest and dry; flats, brights and rounds - the different ways to hold them; when suggesting a flower, stem or petal is preferable; and refining the accuracy of your brushwork as the painting progresses. Critique as time allows.
Let Wednesday's painting dry overnight once complete then varnish.

SUPPLIES - Acrylic paint: titanium white, cad yellow med or deep, naples yellow, cobalt blue, Prussian blue (or phthalo blue), alizarin crimson (or Quin magenta), cad red medium, cad orange light or medium, plus a mid-tone “confetti color” of your choice (mine will be pink).
Brushes: med rigger plus an assortment of synthetic flats or brights and at least one medium round brush.
Canvas: 3 stretched canvases – one for each day (no smaller than 11x14), canvasboard or watercolor paper for practice swatches.
Misc: Satin varnish, matte medium (or you can use your varnish), paper towels, palette paper (or freezer paper), flat container that can be sealed to save your palette, brush basin/water pail, spray bottle, terrycloth handtowel for brush blotting, tabletop easel if desired, ruler, several (min 3) up-close floral references including one mixed bouquet.

A note about supplies/brands etc: You will be money, time and frustration ahead if you buy the best supplies you can afford. I suggest tube paints, never bottled craft paints (ie, Walmart) - good brands of paint are Winsor-Newton, Liquitex and Talens-Amsterdam. Quality canvas brands are Winsor-Newton, Paramount, Master's Touch and Fredrix.

I suggest ordering supplies from www.jerrysartarama.com
There are no better prices online that I have found and their service is great.
Jerry's has free shipping for any order over $99.00 all the time, and has been having free shipping on Fri-Sat-Sun for orders of just $59.00
Hobby Lobby in Beckley also has a great variety of quality art supplies, but you will probably pay more for them than at Jerry's, plus sales tax!

Any questions/comments or to register, please email me at catcards@frontiernet.net

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